The World is on the eve of an astounding revelation. The conditions under which we exist will be changed.  The end has come to telegraph and telephone monopolies with a crash.  Incidentally, all the other monopolies that depend on power of any kind will come to a sudden stop.  The earth currents of electricity are to be harnessed.  Nature supplies them free of charge.  The cost of power and light and heat will be practically nothing.

The scientist-electricians who have for years been trying to master the mystery of electrical earth currents with which the ground beneath your feet is filled, are on the threshold of success.  The success of the experiments they have under way means much to them, but vastly more to the people.  It means that if Nikola Tesla succeeds in harnessing the electrical earth currents and putting then to work for man there will be an end to oppressive, extortionate monopolies in steam, telephone, telegraphs and the other commercial uses of electricity, and that the grasping millionaires who have for two decades milked the people's purse with electrical fingers will have to relinquish their monopoly…

The World Sunday Magazine, N.Y., March 8, 1896



"Out from Matrix" is an international scientific project aimed at investigating the physical processes and phenomena that are believed to be predominantly impossible or unattainable to grasp within the contemporary scientific perceptions. The Project has a non-commercial, non-political and non-public standing. The results of conducted researches may be published or not, as and when necessary and needed.


As of today, the Project has nurtured a book that is now prepared for publication. It is called "Nikola Tesla. The Force Awakens". The book was written by a Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director General of the Intellect-Group Company, Dmitry Evgeniyevich Kruk.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was one of the greatest geniuses in the history of humanity whose mysterious inventions have been firing the imagination of scientists and researchers around the world for over a hundred years. Tesla's archive kept in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, was included in UNESCO's list of cultural heritage monuments "Memory of the World"; it contains over 150,000 items of materials most of which have not been studied so far.


Here are the questions answered in "Nikola Tesla. The Force Awakens":

 - who was Nikola Tesla and why do we know so little about him?

 - in which areas did Nikola Tesla manage to get ahead, anticipate or surpass the discoveries and achievements of at least 37 Nobel Prize laureates?

 - what are the physical fundamentals underlying Tesla's World System comprising extraction of electrical energy from the environment and its wireless transmission over any distance? The book fully unveils the secret of the system of wireless transmission of energy, including the physics of all processes and operating modes of the equipment.

 - it offers an exhaustive analysis of the content of Tesla's research diaries from Colorado Springs. It gives the exact value of the Earth's resonance frequency at which Tesla worked. What is more, why did the inventor write that the signals he had received then were presumably of artificial origin, but could not have been terrestrial in their nature? Why are people still incapable of generating such signals even now?

- why was Tesla so uncompromising in his opposition to some of the new physical theories? The book reveals the inventor's attitude to the main ideas of the so-called fundamental principles of theoretical physics. What is hiding behind the cognitive barrier that scientists fail to overcome?

- how could it be that the Nobel Committee announced Nikola Tesla to be the Nobel laureate in Physics in 1915, but a week later changed the decision?

- how many times did Tesla actually get into a car accident after he started collaborating with the military forces of the Soviet Union?

 And, finally, why is that we know so little about the genuine scientific and engineering attainments of Nikola Tesla?

All scientific and technical bits of the book are fully based on the original materials among which some come from the national and university archives of the USA. The author of the book has been officially authorised to work with the archive located in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

Nikola Tesla's technologies have already provoked one industrial revolution. But the most mature of Tesla's inventions and discoveries are yet to come to life. Tesla predicted that the moment would arrive in a hundred years from then. Well, now that the hundred years have passed, the secret of the wireless transmission of energy is finally revealed.

The book "Nikola Tesla. The Force Awakens" reads well and is not intended for a sophisticated reader. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The Force is awakening – embrace it!